Michał Zając

I am a software engineer.

I love Ruby. I usually work with Ruby on Rails.

I am also proficient with Sinatra, Roda, Hanami and Padrino.

This doesn't mean I don't work with other languages!

Apart from working at GitLab I contribute to open source software.

I try to maintain a blog. I also tend to shitpost on Twitter.

I studied at Wrocław University of Technology.

Recently I picked up photography as a hobby.

You can ask me about machine learning or quantum cryptography.

Apart from that I consume a lot of books, manga, anime and games.

I also do skateboarding, stock trading, translations and many other things.

In near future I want to start a publishing company.

I want to try my hand at painting.

You can reach me at michal.zajac@plsnospamgmail.com.